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Daniel Latto | The Easy Way To Mine Bitcoin


It was the buzzword of 2017 wasn’t it ?

But 2018 went off to a slow start – but what’s a great way of getting started with it ?

Enter Bitcoin Mining. Watch the video and if you want more info, come and join the Facebook Group  :


Daniel Latto

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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining

The safest way to invest in Bitcoin is to simply buy it outright.

Thats right – just buy Bitcoin.

The 2nd way, and the one that will protect your money from unscrupulous companies wanting to steal your cash is to buy a mining rig and mine that bitcoin yourself.


It can be profitable, but before you do, consider


  1. The heat – these mining rigs generate a LOT of heat (ie turn off the central heating in winter and let this baby keep you warm – thats how hot they get !)
  2. The noise – they’re not quiet due to all the fans (to keep the heat low)
  3. The electricity cost – they chew through electricity fast due to all the power they consume !

Having said all that – owning a mining rig is pretty cool if you have somewhere to put it and you have cheap power.


A Fistfull of Bitcoins (Going through Manchester Airport Security)

So going through airport security today with 3 Bitcoins in my pocket (Yep – fake ones obviously)

So the scanner goes off and the guy is going through my backpack looking for some liquids that didn’t exist.

He then sees the bitcoin, and as they look like a gold coin had a closer inspection.

Now – a Bitcoin is £10 Grand each – and I had 3 of these in my backpack (remember though – they’re not real – they’re a ‘virtual’ currency)

So he’s like “Wow, are these real bitcoin?”

So I explain that I bought them from ebay for about £2 each. Bless him, he’s only a customs officer on the minimum wage –
(I checked the last time they pissed me off – INDEED had a job advert paying £7.50 an hour about 2 years ago and I actually applied for a job enclosing my c.v. which was actually a picture of zippy and george from Rainbow (shown below!) along with a cover letter that explained how rude I can be to innocent passengers and that I can be just as obnoxious as the staff at the airport and that they should give me a job to show them. I did get a reply saying I wasn’t successufl – shame)

Anyway – He then asked “So how much is Bitcoin worth now then, about £10 each?”

I nearly fell off my Unicorn.

I explained that Bitcoin was more like £10 Grand each and that it had dropped recently, so probably a good time to get involved with it, but that these coins were just for show (Remember, if you’re taking more than £10k in cash through customs you have to declare it).

And there ended our little 25 minute journey through airport security.

So glad I paid the £15 to fast track us through. In the end he couldn’t find anything in my backpack other than my Frys Peppermint Creams.

Anyway – I asked him to join my Bitcoin Group – but I doubt he will to be honest – nice guy and all – but just being nice won’t get him out of that shitty job peeking into peoples backpacks at 5am every morning.

If he wants to make a change in 2018 – he’s going to have to step up a bit and take a few more chances in life.

You can join the group here :

Podcast 132 – Bitcoin – Here’s What Really Happened With The Tulip Bubble

This Podcast was taken from a Facebook Live that I did.

In it I provide a link to the ‘Tulip Crash’ which talks about what really happened during that time and I talk about the difference between Tulips and Bitcoins (It turns out, there’s quite a lot – for example you can’t plant Bitcoins – I mean – who knew?)

So anyway take a listen. Links Was there really a Tulip Bubble :

Join the Bitcoin Group on Facebook :

So 2 nights ago I thought I’d broken my fingers :(


I had a basketball game and went in to steal the ball on a guy taking a layup, missed the ball completely and hit his knee.

I heard what I thought was a crack and a huge amount of pain swept up my hand. Everything looked ok though but I thought I’d seriously hurt myself.

Naturally I carried on playing (because we’re dumb, and thats what we do!) and even hit another 3 point shot after it happened (yep on the shooting had) so at least I knew it was broken.

Plus the adrenaline is all surging so it’s like ‘I’ll just sort it out later’ – (there’s a reason women live longer than men)

That night my fingers had swelled up and were painful and the next day (yesterday) had turned a dark redish colour.

My biggest concern though was amount of time I’m spending on Facebook bringing people into the Bitcoin stuff we’re doing and so my next thought was “How am I going to do that!”

I’m literally signing people up all day long whilst sat at Facebook.

Now for those that think you can’t make money online – you can.

For that think the Bitcoin Train has left the platform, it hasn’t.

That choo choo is still loading up passengers (see pic)

The best thing about what I’m doing with Bitcoin is that by bringing on other people an showing them how they can make some serious cash part time, the returns I’m actually getting on a daily basis are far higher than I expected.

It’s like a win / win – and I love win wins.

So this morning the fingers are much better, although a bit stiff, the colour is returning to normal and overnight we had another person sign up who I need to speak to this morning to get them started with their first bit of Bitcoin.

If you want to be part of it, then come and join us in this group :

Podcast 131 – How To get Started When You Have No Money

Trying to get started when you have no money is incredibly difficult.

But as ever, there are always solutions.

It’s just that – you may not like some of them.

But if you have no choice (and all of this by the way comes down to CHOICE) then we may as well put those feelings to one side and crack on with it!

Take a list to my podcast “How to get started when you have no money” and see if there’s anything in there that can get you started.

Thanks for your listening!

I would LOVE IT if you could please leave a review.

Daniel Latto

P.S. Come and join our Bitcoin Facebook Group and find out how you can start with Bitcoin for just £50 and learn how to make MORE money.

Podcast 130 – How To Get Started With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is HUGE right now.

But many people don’t know how to get started.

So I wanted to record how I’ve done it so I recorded a video, and this is the audio from that video.

In this podcast, I’m going to explain what it is, how to get some and more importantly how to GROW the number of Bitcoins you own.

Hope you enjoy it – you can come and join me in my FREE Facebook Group at 

Daniel Latto
P.S. If you have a n Apple device you can download my whole podcasts series : Daniel Latto Podcast


But What happens if Bitcoin crashes?

Lets talk about what happens if Bitcoin crashes.

Because with all of this growth – it will either

1. keep going,
2. retrace a little bit before the next run (which is what we’ve seen so far) – or
3. it will drop down somewhat.

So with the first two are easy. Buy Bitcoin. Let it ride.

The 3rd one is slightly harder.

My goal has always been to buy and hold for the long term (long term here is 2 years – It’s Bitcoin – it goes at the speed of light)

And when I wake up in the morning and I check the Bitcoin price, i’m frustrated that it’s gone up so high (Because I want more dammit!)

So if it does drop, the strategy for more is to buy more.

At a cheaper price.

Because I’m in it for the long haul – not ‘fly by night’.

I eat, sleep and drink Bitcoin – just like I did when I started in Property 20 odd years ago.

And I’m not done yet – not by a long stretch. If anything, I realise I could have brought on MORE people who wanted to buy Bitcoin and get some excellent returns – if only I wasn’t so bloody lazy these days.

Don’t get me wrong – I LIKE lazy.

I LIKE getting up and watching last nights NBA game.

Spot of Xbox never harmed anyone (Actually it probably has!)

But there are all those people out there who need to change in their way of life, and Bitcoin has been it for so many people (I see them in the main USI group – their successes have been commendable)

So – my strategy with Bitcoin in a nutshell.

1. if it goes up. Buy.
2. If it goes down before going up. Buy.
3. If it goes down and doesn’t go up. Buy more.

In it for the long term.

If all you’re doing is dipping your toe, all you’ll get is a wet toe.

Daniel Latto

Bitcoin : Why I Love #Bitcoin !

Today is Monday – and I love Mondays.

P.S. I wrote this yesterday and never posted it (today is actually now Tuesday!!!)

Where was I … oh yes …

Today is Monday – and I love Mondays.

Now there was a time when I never thought I would say that.

I was the sort of guy who stays up late on a Sunday night so I work wouldn’t come as quick.

So then I would turn up to work tired. Haha it’s crazy when I look bak at that attitude knowing what I know now.

But these days, I love Mondays.

Not only have I had a great family weekend (either in the UK or here in Spain), not only has my property paid me every day in rent, but also my Bitcoin pays me every business day too.

My #Bitcoin pays approx 1% on Monday. And another approx 1% on Tuesday. And another approx 1% on … oh you get the idea – all the way through to Friday.

But not only do I get that approx 1% on my Bitcoin, I also get to take advantage of any price rises that Bitcoin has.

Now if Bitcoin has dropped – then guess what – I still get the approx 1% on whatever the price of Bitcoin is. It’s like I can’t lose.

But I see the media talking about Bitcoin, and some of the articles are quite negative. And that’s ok, they’re the media – their job is to sell newspapers (Well, adverts) – and online their source of income is eyeballs on those adverts and clicks.

So of course they’re going to use a headline that will get clicks (Regardless of how misleading it may be it seems!)

But the issue I have with the media is that, if these ‘financial experts’ are so accurate in their predictions – why are they still writing for a shitty newspaper ?

I’ve held this argument for 20 years – I see these ‘property experts’ in the media – why are they still peddlng their stuff instead of living in a Villa in Spain, watching the weekends Lakers vs Rockets game (Go Lakers!), and wondering what on earth to get the wife for Christmas via Amazon ?

Maybe it’s because they’re not the experts they proclaim to be. It’s easy to take a subject like Bitcoin and shout ‘scam’, or ‘that won’t work’ – I’ve heard the same about property for the last 20 years. And I’ve heard that it’s ‘unfair’, or ‘born at the right tim’ etc. (If I was born at the right time, why has everyone else who is exactly my age not done well with property then – doesn’t even make sense!)

And I remember back then; I couldn’t work out why more people weren’t buying property left right and centre. I kept wondering – is there something I’m personally missing here. 20 Years later, sat in the villa on a Monday morning watching the Lakers game, I know that they maybe just didn’t know what to do, listened to the media or the wrong people, or just couldn’t be bothered.

Anyway – whatever you think – now is the time to learn more – so come along and join our little group :

You cant put the genie back in the bottle. Bitcoin is here to stay.

I know some people don’t like it, and they dont understand it, or maybe it’s a combination of both.
I also hear people saying we should stay within the confines of our current monetary system (Because yeah that’s working out so well for the majority of the population).
You know the guy that ran IBM in 1958 said “I think there is a world market for about five computers” – so it goes to show what those ‘in the know’ believe. They believe old school paradigms. Only we’re not living in the old school anymore.
And there’s a massive shift in wealth occuring right now, and while some folks are happy laughing and making fun of others who decide to get outside of their box, those that are trying their hand have a good chance of making A LOT of money that will affect their families and will impact for generations to come. So who’s right and who’s wrong?
I don’t know. But I’m prepared to hedge my bets. Just like I did in Property 20 years ago. And today I get called ‘lucky’, or ‘born at the right time’.

‘Handed down’ wealth is about to change. You simply can’t put the Bitcoin Geni and other cryptocurrencies back in it’s proverbial lamp.
Might it all go ‘poof’ and disapear in a flash of light ?
Maybe. But what if it doesn’t. What if this stuff is here for the next 1,000 years.
And you could have got in when it was just £7,000 per Bitcoin (or part of – you don’t need to start with on Bitcoin – you can start with as little as 50 Euros)
But you were too busy making fun of / not understanding / or listening to people who’ve had a ‘steady job’ all their lives. Other people who ‘seem’ to know better, but really work 40 hours+ every week.
What if you missed this boat entirely instead of sticking £100 in and getting started and seeing what happens?
Come and join me in my Bitcoin Group and find out for yourself :

Bitcoin Price Rises Since Just YESTERDAY !!

Holy Smoly. Bitcoin going up a lot since yesterday.

Remember it can go down as well as up – but I use a system that increase the number of Bitcoin I own, so even if it drops I’m still up in the long run.

And when it goes up – it’s like a double whammy.

The world is a lot different than just a few years ago that’s for sure – wonder what the price will be in 2 years time.

Want to know more

Click Here >> Get more Bitcoin and get book your free telephone call about Bitcoin

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