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I’ve literally got just 4 full workdays available to me this month.

I have 8 flights (That’s 40 hours of driving to the airport).

A week with the kids in Spain

2 kids weekends

4 days in Marrakech

And you know what … my income actually went UP in February (without taking into account an extra coaching clients at all)

Assets CAN provide you with the lifestyle you choose. But only if you start investing correctly.

It can be done. I know this because, I did it.

You can too. Forget what other people tell you. They’re talking from a place of what they think is possible.

I was always told I was a dreamer. I would sit in Maths Lesson staring out the window dreaming of better things.

You don’t even need that much – just enough to cover your living expenses, enough to have some fun, enough to cover you if things go wrong (boilers, tenants, etc)

It’s all a tipping point. Most people I meet spend too much, don’t save (anything!), can’t see a way out.

It’s crazy.

Make now your time to think ‘ I’m going to do it this year’ and take the steps to make it happen.

Accelerate those results – start generating leads for rent to rent, property sourcing, below market value deals, lease options – you can sell them, invest in them, do whatever you want with them.

But the time to start is now.

I wonder if Ryanair will let me fly the plane this month …

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