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When I think about the visitors who visit my website, or interact with me on Social Media, i’m very aware that they usually fall into one of three camps right.

  1. You have little money, a lot of outgoings and you’re struggling to make ends meet right now.
  2. You at least have your costs covered, and now you’re wanting to grow your business but not sure on the right path.
  3. You’re generating excess of cash, and now need to move that cash into something more long term (like property) that can help generate even more cash and provide for your future.

You’ll notice that with all three camps, there is a progression through each stage that leads you onto the next.

So if you’re at the first stage, everything seems harder because of lack of funds. You have to skimp on the things you want in order to buy the things you NEED. You may not even look at your expenses as it’s way too painful and you may be thinking ‘whats the point anyway’ as nothing you seem to do makes a difference. If you’re at this stage, then the Debt Detox Challenge is the way forward for you. You should have your money back within 30 days of staring it, either by saving money or making a bit. This is designed to help you take stock of where you are, creating a plan moving forward that you can afford and start you off in looking at how else to make some money >>> Click here for the Debt Detox Challenge

If you’re at the second stage, you’re now making sure that you have your basic bills covered, you may have some consumer debt and you’re trying to find a way to make more money. This could be that you’ve tried Forex trading, online & affiliate marketing, or some kind of MLM or Network Marketing Product. I’m guessing also that if you’ve tried those last items, your results have been exactly spectacular and now need to try something else.

You just ‘don’t know what yet as nothing seems to work. So now you’re ready to step out and perhaps start your own ‘proper’ business, if only you knew how to do it! If you’re at this stage, then you need the Business Startup and Growth System. 12 weeks of coaching, one hour per week, dedicated to helping you grow your business that will generate enough cash to move you onto the 3rd stage. >>>> Click here for Business Coaching

If you’re at the third stage, then you’re ready to start investing in Assets that you can purchase BELOW MARKET VALUE (in other words wholesale, not retail), but you haven’t got a huge amount of time to start dealing with estate agents, networking events and organising leaflet drops and so on.  You just want to buy good quality deals, at a price thats below the open market value, and that will give you a monthly return each and every month.  No hassles, no headaches, in fact, pretty much a turnkey solution. In which case, my Property Coaching Package is perfect for you.


Now, whichever stage you’re at, we have help available to you to accelerate your results using tried and tested strategies that help you get the results you’re looking for.

From cutting costs and going through the Debt Detox Challenge, to starting up and growing a profitable business, through to investing in property with great yielding below market value properties.

With the right coaching in place, you get to  shortcut your results and help you get to where you want be financially, quicker than ever before.


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