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December 31, 2015

The extra 3% stamp duty tax being levied on buy to let and second home buyers in April 2016 means that it may no longer be financially viable for new entrants to the lower end of the private landlord market, it is claimed.

And the new tax band will have a disproportionate impact on pensioners looking to generate revenue in retirement, according to Chestertons, one of London’s largest estate agents.

The announcement of the additional levy on second homes and buy to let purchases came as a surprise announcement in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, and initially caused some confusion across the industry as pundits disagreed on how the additional 3% would be applied.

Chestertons has now calculated that the extra duty will hit the lower end of the market more heavily in terms of a percentage increase than it will the higher end. A buy to let property acquired for £150,000 attracts stamp duty of £500, but under the new regime it rises to £5,000, a tenfold increase.

By comparison, an investor buying a property for £1 million currently pays £43,750 in stamp duty, while the new rate will be £73,750, less than double the original duty, although of course a larger amount in cash terms.

You can read the entire article over at he Property Wire website.

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