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Imagine your very own Business AcquisitionTeam, who can do all of this for you ...

  • Make Initial Contact
  • Evaluate the opportunity
  • Review the accounts and finances 
  • Meet With The Business Owners for more Due Diligence
  • Help Structure A Deal
  • Help You To Source Business Finance
  • Introduce you to our exlcusive deal team to hel get the deal across the line



Ease of Use

Value for money

Why Use Us ?  Expert Business Analysis Example

One of our clients was looking to buy a branch of a very popular franchised food restaurant.

It was on the market at £75,000, at first glance, it looks fine. £400,000 revenue with £80,000 Gross Profit. 

Then you see the Net profit of just £15,000.

Then on closer inspection you see the following ...

  • The management accounts don’t match the filed accounts
  • According to the filed accounts the business made a loss in 2020 and 2021
  • the Director has an overdrawn loan account of £70,000
  • It’s got a history of losses on filed accounts
  • Directors took £25,000 salary in 2020 but nothing since
  • It’s a loss making business so as they are running it it’s not worth anything
  • The positive is the spent around £50,000 in equipment that if still usable would save capital investment (ie you can get a loan against the equipment to fund the purchase so if you DID want the business, you can probably get it for NO MONEY DOWN !

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