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  • Would you like to be interviewed LIVE on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to showcase your business and help others?
  • Get an instant presence on Youtube, Facebook, Spotify and iTunes?
  • help inspire other business by your journey while at the same time showcase your business

So we're looking for Business Owners to interview inside our Facebook Group.

This gives you a chance showcase your business, but also to help other business owners by talking about , why this particular business, what obstacles have been overcome, what's next in your business, how you market

  • Why you're in business
  • Why this particular business
  • What obstacles have been overcome
  • What's next in your business
  • How you market your business
  • Get some quick free coaching

You need to be available at 12 noon on a Thursday, with a camera, microphone for clear sound (your apple microphone will be fine for example) along with a nice quiet place to be interviewed.

Plus, this is where you'll appear either LIVE or by recorded upload....

  • YouTube
  • Facebook Groups
  • iTunes Podcast
  • Spotify (Yup, we're on Spotify!)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn (Replay)

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The Daniel Latto Group is a group of companies including a Digital Marketing Agency, An Investors Estate Agency, and a Construction company.

Daniel has been a Property Investor for 20 years in Leeds and still manages his Leeds based portfolio from the villa in Spain.