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What You Get With My Business Coaching

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    Direct One on One Coaching with 2 x 45 minute calls per month
    With my One on One Business Coaching, we get to delve into your obstacles, plan your month ahead and help you grow your business faster than before.  Better than that, I'll keep you accountable and challenge you on the way you look at things, so that you can constantly improve how you do them.
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    Experienced Business Coach
    I've been coaching clients for 10 years.  I'm a Master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and I love helping other business owners finally take control of their business, increase their income, and free up their time.
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    A Business Coach With results
    Having started, grown and sold my lettings agency, grown a multi million pound property portfolio, and now living in Spain and  Controlling everything from the villa, I know what I'm talking about.  With A Quarter of a Million YouTube Views, and a #1 rated iTunes Podcast Show, others seem to think so too.  Join up.

Business Coaching with Daniel Latto

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    Learn from a Business Coach who has ran successful businesses
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    From a Porsche Hire Business to a Lettings Agency to managing his Multi Million Pound Property Portfolio from the villa in the Mediterranean
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    Hundreds of clients have experienced my coaching and have achieved superb results
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    Natural teaching style, no fluff, just authentic business advice and coaching that gets results for you and your business
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    Improve your marketing with the latest strategies

Key Benefits Of Coaching

Create Unique Goals

When you create a powerful plan that's ready to execute, you'll feel much more ready to take it onboard.

Identify Obstacles

Once you know exactly where you're going, you can see what the obstacles are ahead are likely to be and plan for them.

Pinpoint Resources

When you know what the obstacles are, you can identify the resources you need to overcome them

Design Your Vision

When you know you can overcome your obstacles with ease, you can set a bigger vision for you and your business.

What Makes Daniel Different as a Business Coach?

  • Many coaches teach from what they learn in a book.  Whereas Daniel has started and sold a company from scratch, generated income in many different business areas from a lettings agency through to a Porsche Hire company and a coaching business.
  • Daniel has invested in over £120,000 of personal development including property, marketing and NLP Training.
  • He runs his entire multi million pound property portfolio (built over the last 20 years) from his villa in Spain using just a cleaner and 3 handymen.  That business is fully systemised so it makes money whether he is there or not (which he isn't as he's in Spain!)
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    He runs his own Digital Marketing company providing websites and Digital Marketing services whilst growing his team.
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    He was born in the UK and beat the system, now financially free and helping others
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    #1 Rated iTunes Podcast Show. 250,000 YouTube views.  Well known and respected Business Coach
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    Can your Business Coach say the same ?

Ready To Sign Up?

I know it sounds crazy, but the price isn't what's important.

What's important is that you start as soon as you possibly can so that we can start getting results together.

But let's face it, price is ALWAYS IMPORTANT.  Right. Right?

For that reason, we've made it easy to purchase with a low, low cost which means it's accessible for anyone.  But don't let the price fool you, the Business Coaching is world class and I've been flown all around the world to present, teach and coach.

REFUND POLICY : To be absolutely 100% clear on this, due to the nature of our coaching product, we give away our I.P. in each coaching call, there are no refunds are available.  We want you to commit to the process and 'burn the boats', we want you to go out and make it work for you !  Commit to Success, and the results will come.


What People Are Saying...


About Your Coach

"Coming from a background where I had to work for everything I got, it taught me a lot about persistence and especially at finding the right way to get something done, whilst ignoring everyone telling me something won't work.

I think it' hard because listening to others is part of who we are.  The difficulty is in trying to find someone worth listening to, who has 'done it' and is prepared to help others along their journey.

I like to think I'm accessible to others so they can achieve too."

Daniel Latto is a UK Property Millionaire who now lives next to the Mediterranean Sea in Spain.  He's also an NLP Master Practitioner and has a very solid reputation for getting results amongst his peers.

Daniel Latto

Is This Coaching Right For You?

Your course is not for everybody, so quickly check if we're a match here

Who is this for

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    Action Takers, people who are prepared to implement
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    Those who no longer want to be confined by their income
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    Motivated, eager people
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    Those who want to Fast Track their results

Who is this not for

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    Moaners & whiners!  Seriously, there's a reason you're not getting results!
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    The "That won't work" brigade.  You know who you are!
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    Those who aren't prepared to take risks.  The 1% operate at a level of risk higher than others. That's why they're the 1%
Ready To Take Action?

If you're ready to step up and take action, then we're waiting for you.   You can choose your plan below.

Daniel Latto



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