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Get 2 x 1 hour Business Coaching calls for just £300 a Month

Business Coaching with Daniel latto

How Does The Business Coaching Work?

  • You personally get me, one on one over Skype.
  • 2 x 1 hour coaching calls per month
  • All for just £300 a month, no minimum contact, and a BIG discount for paying 12 months up front!

If you’re looking to accelerate your results with your Business , then my Business Coaching Package is for you.

READ ME FIRST : Which Stage Is Your Business At?

  1. Startup Mode – you need to generate more leads, have a sales conversion process and make some money
  2. Experienced but hungry – you are already working hard, but you need more time off and want to grow your business
  3. Wealth Creation – Your business is a success and you want to translate that success into long term wealth so your money works HARDER than you do

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Business Coaching 

If you’re at Stage 1 (Startup), or at Stage 2 (Experienced but Hungry) then the Business Coaching package includes everything you need from the Latest Marketing Strategies for your business, through to Growth, Staff, Systems, Motivation, Creating More time for you. You get all the strategies you need through direct one on one coaching with me, and through the Group Coaching Webinars. If you’re at Stage 3 (Wealth Creation), then you’re ready to move into long term wealth creation through Property Coaching

  • Learn from a Business Coach who has ran successful businesses
  • From a Porsche Hire Business to a Lettings Agency to managing his Multi Million Pound Property Portfolio from the Mediterranean.
  • Hundreds of clients have experienced my coaching and have achieved superb results.
  • Natural teaching style, no fluff, just authentic business advice and coaching
  • Improve your marketing with the latest strategies
  • Improve your sales conversion process
  • Get clarity on your offering and your marketing
  • Learn how to distribute your message accross multiple mediums
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 “The Idea is that your BUSINESS generates CASHFLOW that then goes into long term wealth like Property.  You can only do that when your business is PROFITABLE.”

 “If you’re looking for a Business Coach  who has been there and gone through the process of building a business & buying, refurbishing, selling and renting property then you should sign up with Dan”

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 Business Coaching

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At the end of these 12 months, you’ll become wealthier, healthier & stronger (both physically and mentally) and with a supportive network of positive, like minded people. You’ll know exactly where you’re going, your confidence about your abilities will increase and your dreams will come alive.  This is what Forbes has to say about Coaching.

What Else Do You Get During The Business Coaching?

We’ll Cover These Vital Mindset Areas That Will Accelerate Your Results

  • Goal Setting
  • How to become accountable to yourself without needing anyone external
  • How to overcome your fears on practically anything
  • How to develop the lifestyle you dreamed about and have it now, rather than having to wait
  • Sales Funnel For Generating Fresh Leads
  • Time Management
  • Website and Social Media Training


If you want to accelerate your results in your Business then this is the package for you. 

We START this process by making sure you’re a good match for my Coaching.  To begin with, we start with an hour session on Skype working through your Goals, we’ll look at what you want to achieve and work out whether if I’m going to be the right coach for you

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My Business Coaching Package  covers a wide range of strategies for creating a more empowered business, with strategies to both grow the business, and to manage the growth through helping you systemise it.

It’s effectively a maker over that you can build on within the first 12 months – getting rid of all the poor strategies that haven’t worked for you and turning you into the business owner you always wanted to be, along with the discipline to go out and get results.

Remember, you’ll get one on one Business Coaching Sessions with me personally (via Skype)  which provides plenty of time for training and focus on each area, as well as accountability for you to move forward and stay on track.

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You’ll get access to all my strategies for  business, health and relationships that will help you design your perfect life, and then live it.

At the end of the the coaching, you’ll become wealthier, healthier & stronger (both physically and mentally) and with a supportive network of positive, like minded people. You’ll know exactly where you’re going, your confidence about your abilities will increase and your dreams will come alive.


I’m excited about this  Business  Coaching programme, and you should be excited too. 

For those signing up and taking action, this will be a transformational year ahead, one in which you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner.

There’s no question that I’ve really benefited from having my own Coaches. I’ve generated tens of thousands of pounds of extra income, streamlined my business and organised and systemised it so that I no longer had to work IN the business, but was able to work ON the business.  I know the difference a coach can make. Someone who has been there and understand what you’re going through right now in the four main areas of your life.

I can’t wait to get started, and look forward to working together to help you make the dream work.

A Closer Look At Your Business Coach

Daniel Latto with Richard Branson

I’ve been Nominated for Small Business Coach of the Year 2013 & Business Coach of The Year 2014.  I own around £5 million of Property, I live in Valencia, Spain and fly regularly into the UK every 14 days or so.I’m recently married and living life to the max just 150 metres from the beach.

My life wasn’t always like this.  Like many people, I struggled with a poor mindset, poor strategies and poor relationships.  All of that started to change once I started to take responsibility for my own results, and in particular when I started to implement the strategies I’m going to teach you.

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Written Testimonials – Look what others say.

“Daniel, was a great coach, he was full of praise (providing we did completed activities and tasks we decided and agreed on all together). His hands on approach works very well, he would encourage us to create the answers we needed which were there all along, but the best form of influence is to make someone feel like it was their idea. “

“He delivered over and above what we asked of him and in the process we made a very good friend. “
“He has an extensive knowledge of NLP he is always looking for new opportunities.”
“If you want to be inspired and develop your psychology at the same time, led by a man that pushes himself as hard as he pushes his clients, Dan is your man.” 
“Daniel is the real deal, passionate about helping people succeed, and very knowledgeable about business, property and more important, the mindset”

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