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What is it going to take YOU to succeed?

It can be different things for different people.

We all have different motivations when it comes to success.

We have 2 types of motivation however.

We have 'away from' motivations, and we have 'towards' motivations.

The difference is that when you have moved away from the pain that youre in (be it financial, emotional health, etc) - that the motivation then stops or slows down.

But away from motivation can be hugely successful up to that point.

So we can use it for our advantage. Once we get beyond the away from motivation though, and the pain of wherever we happened to be has subsided - we can then use towards motivation.

So this is where we look at what you would like to happen in your life.

What car would you like, what house would you like, how many hours would you like to work, where would you like to live, etc.

So - to begin with, we use away from motivation, and after that we use towards motivation.

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