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July 9, 2013
When many of my clients sign up, they’re looking for a way to increase their business.  That usually means more customers, or certainly more people visiting the website, or the phone ringing more often.  SO that’s what we concentrate on first.
We’ll look at what traffic mehtods one may have already implemented and then begin to look at more, to increase the number of people going through their ‘sales funnel’.  We may look at Video Marketing for example.
In fact, just this week, during one of our 1 hour coaching sessions, we identified some new keywords that would help drive more traffic to their website.  We agreed that I would go off and create some videos and optimise them to be found.
I created the videos, uploaded them to Youtube, and optimised them.
2 days later, through Facebook, the client posted on my wall that he actually received his first new customer from that video.  This was a paying customer, so the client already began to get a return on investment.
This is of course the first part of the process – the actual reason for doing this video wasn’t to make money straight off the cuff (Which we did anyway as it happens) – but was designed to drive traffic, generate phone calls and create a lifelong customer.  The initial sale was just the beginning of this process.
You see, for many business owners, the sale is the END of the process – and it thats why the business struggles.  So although you may decide that you need more traffic – its not more traffic that will help you grow your business – its what you do with the customer long term.
So what is it you need in your business.  Are you already generating new customers, and if not why not.  Whats topping you from getting more customers?
It may be a lack of knowledge, or it may be a lack of time to implement what you know – in which case you need to get it outsourced.

Our Inbound Marketing Package is a complete that is designed to drive more traffic, get the phone ringing and get some immediate sales.  The way you grow your business is what you do next.

The beauty of using a Business Coach is that you can discuss an idea, and from that idea will spin off several more – then we can look at the best ones, see how quickly we can implement them and start getting almost instant results.  You can then outsource the work, or do it yourself.
If you’re not sure on how to outsource the work, then we’ll discuss that too – it could be something your Business Coach can take on board, or they can discuss the best outsourcing methods.
If you’ve never had a business coach, and wonder how the session is set up – then just give us a quick call and we;ll go through it with you – after your first session, you’ll wonder why you never did it before.  We’ll conduct a quickfire round of business coaching that will help you identify what the best next steps are for you.
Hopefully, we’ll speak soon, and work out the path for your business.
Author : Daniel Latto

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