Business Coaches in Leeds

Business Coaches In Leeds

There are plenty of Business Coaches in Leeds.  They come in all shape sand sizes with all different levels of experience.

Some have ran a business before, and others haven’t.  There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but for most people they want to have a Business Coach who has actually ran a business, looked after staff and maybe even had an exit strategy and sold their business.

As a Business Coach In Leeds, I’m lucky in that I’ve done all of the above.


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When I first started my Lettings Agency in Leeds, it was by kicking off a website that I purchased for the princely sum of just £10 for the domain name, and £35 a year for the hosting.

Off that one website, I started driving traffic.  So much traffic in fact, that at our peak, we generated 35,000 unique visitors per month to the website.

No mean feat in itself, but we did all that through the use of Search Engine Optimisation techniques.  There was no Facebook, no Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram, none of it !


All through pure SEO.

Times have changed of course – and now we have social media in all it’s forms and it amazes me just how little companies are using social media, or they’re using it in a completely wrong fashion.

Social media ISN’T the TV.  It’s interactive, and it should be respo

Business Coaches In Leeds

nsing to clients needs, instead of being a one way street.

Having said that, some of the content you put out WILL BE ONE WAY, at least in the beginning.

As a Business Coach in Leeds, and now living in Spain for most of my time – actually doing things like Networking for example becom


e very difficult.

So actually we drum up business just using social media and having a great social media profile.

For example, at the time of writing this post, we have over 170,000 Youtube views, 250,000 podcast downloads and 14,000 Twitter followers and 8,500 LinkedIn connections.

I once heard someone say that my social media presence was low – and I thought ‘you’re kidding right !’

So as one of the leading Business Coaches in Leeds, I should have an excellent social media presence.

You can constantly keep up to date with what i’m doing along with getting some great business advice from our video marketing and our podcasts.

But isn’t that the point – isn’t this what your business should be doing too ?

Of course it is.  We’re not living in 1997 anymore !

We’ve moved on from just networking events.

Let me ask you this,

Would you rather spend an hour going to a networking event, spend 2 hours speaking to everyone you can, and then driving an hour home (thats 4 hours in total) and end up speaking to 50 people in all that time

OR !

Would you rather create some videos, pull out the mp3 to get a podcast out of it and send that out to your mailing list youtube channel and iTunes – and get HUNDREDS of people listening to JUST YOU ?

It just doesn’t even add up does it.

Not only that but also, once you have your videos recorded and your podcasts, that content stays live for years to come.

My first podcast was back in JUNE 2015 !

And you know what – we’re STILL getting people listening to those podcasts even today !

Yep – that’s content we created all that time ago, and not only is it still relevent, it’s still being downloaded and listened to.

It also means (as we have over 120 podcasts now) that for the next 120 days, we can send out the ‘replay’ out to our social media channels so that it KEEPS on getting listened to.

How many Business Coaches In Leeds will be telling you all of this stuff ?

Not many.  And it’s fine, because we can’t expect them to as they HAVEN’T got podcasts or Youtube channels.  And if they do have, then there’s very little hapenning on those channels.

Here’s what Forbes said about Business Coaching.

Out of all the Business Coaches In Leeds, what should you be looking out for ?

Business Audit Leeds


So this is what you need to be asking of YOUR Business Coach

  1. Have they built a business ?
  2. Do they have a podcast so you can listen to them to see if they like you?
  3. Do they have a Youtube channel so they can see you ?
  4. Do they have testimonials they can read, or even better WATCH (Here’s Mine)
  5. Can they do more than just business coaching (ie minndset, videos, podcasts, etc) (I’m an NLP Master Practitioner, as well as a prominent YouTuber and Podcaster.
  6. Can they demonstrate a track record of helping other people develop their business

I’m sure you can think of many others, but these business coaches need to ensure that it’s not all ‘fluff’ and ‘theory’, but that they have actual experience of helping people.

I hope thats useful – if you want to know more from me, just fill in the ‘WORK WITH ME’ form.

And in the meantime, you can watch my Videos and listen to my Podcasts on the homepage.

Daniel Latto

Daniel Latto

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