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October 27, 2013

Business Coach Leeds

Having ran my own businesses before being a Leeds Business Coach, and now having my own Lead Generation company whilst running my Business Coach Leeds Business, i’ve always thought I’ve been in the perfect place to help others with their business.

Either it’s as a Business Coach, or it’s just as a Marketing Coach, helping Business Owners just like you find the route to more success, more income, and more time off.

Usually when someone thinks of a Business Coach in Leeds, the first thing they want to tackle is the ‘More Customers’ issue – and I totally get why.



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Without customers, there is no product, no service, no backend selling / upselling / cross selling or downselling – there is nothing.

But finding new customers isn’t the only reason people may choose a Business Coach, they want to learn how to look after existing customers a bit better, find strategies to take more time off work, even as the business gets bigger.

And I’m able to help with all of that, so much so, that usually you’ll find a great Return On Investment (ROI – See this Article about Business Coaching) from our Business Coaching Sessions – but only of course if you put the work in.

Business Coach Leeds

Why Business Coaching Works

So the reason why it’s so successful, is that often you’re so busy working in your business, you’re too involved to learn new ideas, or your pre-conceived notions of how businesses can grow  are perhaps out of date, or plain old wrong !

Sometimes you need help with your Time Management, or your marketing, or your staff, or even with you.  It’s so easy to become despondent from time to time, and so as a Business Mentor, we’re there to help you along with the process, to kick ass from time to time, to helping and supporting you along the way.

Are You In The Goldfish Bowl?

The analogy I always use is that you’re the goldfish in your goldfish bowl, and all you can see is the space around you, and your own reflection pointing back at you.

Whereas, I’m the guy who manages lots of goldfish bowls (clients!) and I can see what’s working in one business and not in another.  I can see the same mistakes that people are making in their business and advise them away from them.

Learning new ideas, especially those like marketing are vital to my business and helping other people implement them.

What Marketing Help Do You Need?

This is the biggest area that I find people really struggle in.  It’s one thing finding time to discover the new marketing methods, but its a complete other thing to actually find the time to implement them.  That’s where we can come in and help.  We can help you create content for your website and customer communications (ie email) – check it out >> Done For You Marketing

What about Video Marketing ?

We’re hot on video marketing right now, namely because it works.

We use Facebook LIVE for example, here’s an example video where we talk about


Or how about creating a podcast ?

My podcast series is about 2 years old and has driven so much new traffic, and helped provide authority in my businesses.

So, you’re convinced.  Hiring a Leeds Business Coach sounds like a good idea.  What’s next ?

Next Step … Business Coach Leeds

It’s so important to me that you take this opportunity to streamline your business, that I’m offering something incredibly valuable to you … MY TIME.

It’s the one thing I can’t get any more of, so I respectfully ask that you value it.

I have for you, a free Business Strategy Session, where we can sit down (via Skype) and discuss openly your business, where it’s going and whats stopping it from being as successful as you would like.

This Business Strategy Session is valued at £147, and it’s yours, but you have to apply for it. Because it’s valuable.

Here’s the link, so go ahead, and apply for your Free Business Strategy Session now, and get ready to start making a difference in way your business is run.

 Get your Free Strategy Session

Business Coach Leeds

How do you choose a Business Coach Leeds ?  That’s usually the big question, and that’s why we make sure that our prices are affordable for any business size.

As ever, the question is not, can I afford it, but is ‘How can I not afford it?’.

If you take 2 businesses, and one has a business coach and the other one doesn’t, then which one do you think will have the most success ?

Of course it’s the one with a Business Coach, so why would you not dot it already ?

Author : Daniel Latto

So what can a Business Coach Leeds do for you ?

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, so we work really hard without actually knowing if it’s the right thing to be working on.

Let me give you an example.

I saw a YouTube video of a guy trying to get up an escalator.  The thing is though is that this guy was incredibly drunk.  He was so drunk in fact that although he couldn’t see it, he was trying to get up the WRONG escalator.  Yep, he was actually trying to go UP the DOWN escalator!

The thing is, I see this a lot in businesses.

I mean this guy was working so hard, he was doing all the right things and yet he still wasn’t getting to where he wanted to be.

Then along came a lady and pointed him in the right direction (which was literally just 2 feet to the left!)

And then he got on the escalator and went STRAIGHT TO THE TOP !

That’s most business owners today.  They’re so busy working so hard, they don’t have time to listen to anyone elses advice. And all it took was a person to show them the right way forward and BOOM – off they went.

So are you ‘work drunk’?

Are you working so hard that you won’t listen to anyone else and take any one else’s advice ?

Because you can work as hard as you like, I can tell you that working really hard is not the key to success in your business.

Let me clarify here. It’s PART OF IT. But it’s not the whole answer.

Working hard on the stuff you should be working hard on is the right thing to be doing.

Business Coach Leeds

Hiring a Business Coach Leeds can help you move forward that much quicker. Let’s take something like Time Management for example.  You may have read all the books, but are you implementing what you’ve learned?

You see, Time Management actually does work.  But it requires the discipline from you to make it work.  It’s like buying a nice car (that’s the book in this analogy!) – you get it home, and then you have to actually put petrol in it in order to make it work.  It’s the same with learning a new skill.  Too many people simply purchase the guide or the book or the seminar, without then actually doing the very work that will move them forward in what they were supposed to be doing.

A coach can hold you accountable to make sure that you’re doing the stuff you should be doing.

Introducing you to new skills

So if we go back just 10 years ago, the way in which we would market our businesses has changed fundamentally.  It’s not longer enough to have just a website (although one is definitely needed).  These days you have to be providing content for that website.  And not only every so often, but on a regular basis.

You need to be creating more content on an almost daily basis.  Video, Podcasts and Articles will help you in the search engines.  But you also have to get that content out to your social media platforms in order to get noticed.

Even just being noticed isn’t enough these days.

Now you have to build authority.

Lets look at it this way – who will your customer use?

You, with an outdated website that’s not been updated in months and months, or the person with the iTunes Podcast, the YouTube Video Channel and 7,000 LinkedIn connections?

I think the answer is obvious, but the reason why people don’t work hard on these things is because it

  1. Takes time to create each piece of content
  2. Takes time to build up a network of connections large enough to make a difference

Now because it takes time for content and time to build connections, the rewards aren’t instant.  SO you end up doing nothing at all.  You don”t build your connections, you don’t build your content, you take no time in any of that.

And then you wonder why you’re not getting the results you want.

Build Your Connections

Let me ask you a question.

As a business owner, do you think the person with MORE connections will sell more than the person with LESS connections ?

It’s not a trick question by the way.  Of course they bloody will!

Given that all other things being equal (ie the connections are targeted correctly).

Marketing Coach Leeds

So why are you NOT building up more connections ?

As a Business Coach Leeds, I find it mega important to build these connections up, even though they may often not be face to face (they’re now virtual via Facebook and LinkedIn).

But I still see people not building up the network connections.

Since December 2017 and mid March 2017 – that’s just 4 months – I’ve gone from 2,000 connections on LinkedIn to 7,000 connections. (Come and find me and add me!)

That makes a massive difference in the number of people who read my stuff. (I regularly get 10,000 views on my LinkedIn Posts – something I never got before I built those connections)

What about money ?


Money is the thing that changes everything isn’t it.

It’s like this.  If you have it, life is so much easier (sometimes too easy).

When you haven’t got it, life can be this awful thing that can drive people to suicide.


The weird thing is, nobody EVER talks about it !

It’s like a taboo subject for many.

And yet it’s the thing that makes the world go round, can provide you with the dream life, or leave you penniless, hungry, alone and cold.

Between having it and not having it, I’d rather have it.  Wouldn’t most of us ?

Well, you would think so wouldn’t you.

Money is the root of all evil.

What a load of old rubbish.  Do you have any idea how many hungry people you can feed ?

But Money isn’t everything

Nobody ever said it was, but it’s a vital part of your life (Just try living without it)

But money doesn’t make you happy

No, but it can buy you a jet ski. (I love that saying)

Look – it’s as simple as this – if you’re unhappy because you’re unhappy, then money wont solve all of your problems.  But it can solve some of them.

But if you’re struggling to pay bills every month, then again it won’t make you happy. But it will take the edge off. remove the anxiety, and give you some breathing space to work out exactly what you want to do.

Money gives choices

So today is a Monday (as I’m writing this).  I’m sat in my villa in Spain and it’s raining (It’s March so we had some glorious weather yesterday and then it’s just rained).

The open fire is lit, and I can hear the dog snoring as I type.

Today, I’ve played on my xbox, watched a film, had some nice food – and finally (it’s 3.30pm) I’ve decided that I should probably do a little bit of work (Hence this little rant about money!)

It’s certainly given me choices about how I want to live my days.  It gives me choices about how I want to invest for my family’s future.

No longer is money a taboo subject for my clients.

It’s an essential part of building your business and your lifestyle into something you don’t want to escape from.

We help you create a spreadsheet that details all of your expenses (literally, every single one of them) so that you can plan each and every month against your income and expenses.

Then we know (BEFORE we get to the end of the month) exactly whether it’s a profit or a loss month.

If it’s a profit, then we get to plan what to do with that money.

If it’s a loss, we try and work out where we can get money from to cover the shortfall, or do we tap into savings, or do we delay payment until next month when we have more cash.

Just this one simple thing can make the difference between being wealthy or not.

When you sign up with coaching, you get an honest conversation with money. With a Business Coach Leeds, what you get is an instant snapshot.

We’ve seen so many businesses that it’s easy to see where other people are failing.

Want a Business Coach Leeds ?

Then complete our AUDIT form.

Or if you would like to speak to a Leeds Marketing Coach, then also complete the form – it’s important for us to understand exactly where you are and what we need to do to get you help.

Business Coach Leeds

The bottom line here folks, is not to wait and hope that it all turns out for the best.

With all our experience, we really can help you with your business and streamline your processes that will allow you to take more time off.

Look, getting a Business Mentor in Leeds is going to either make or break your business – whatever you do, make a decision to at least try it and see how quickly you get a return on investment.

Business Mentoring Leeds - get to grow your business through coaching


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