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  • Boom ! Last month was our highest ever for podcast downloads in a single month.

And last night around 8pm, we’ve just OVERTAKEN THAT FIGURE for this month !

A HUGE THANKS to all those that have been interviewed on it (including Francis Dolley, Arsh Ellahi, Mark Donnan, Barry Davies, Chris Rowell, Dom Eves, Matthew Moody, Atuksha Poonwassie, Dan Bradbury, Jim Haliburton, Johnnie Cass, Vicki Wusche) – just looking at that list reveals the who’s who in the Personal Development, Property and Marketing/Business Growth world.
I really couldn’t have done this without your help and support.
Thank you to all those that have downloaded it, who have sent me an email saying how much they enjoy and get use out of it, and those who have given a 5 star review (10 reviews, all 5 stars!)
And of course, thanks to my lovely wife, Louise Latto who insisted I kept doing them and pushing them.
We still have 5 days left to go in the month, so more downloads to be added onto it, and further podcasts being recorded and released just this week alone.
Here’s the link on iTunes >>>
download on itunes
Here’s the opt in link (so you can get updates) directly on my website >>>
And here it is on Stitcher >>> hear us on stitcher
Many more podcasts to come, in the following weeks and months, so once again, a BIG THANKYOU to everyone who has helped.
Daniel Latto

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