Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining

The safest way to invest in Bitcoin is to simply buy it outright.

Thats right – just buy Bitcoin.

The 2nd way, and the one that will protect your money from unscrupulous companies wanting to steal your cash is to buy a mining rig and mine that bitcoin yourself.


It can be profitable, but before you do, consider


  1. The heat – these mining rigs generate a LOT of heat (ie turn off the central heating in winter and let this baby keep you warm – thats how hot they get !)
  2. The noise – they’re not quiet due to all the fans (to keep the heat low)
  3. The electricity cost – they chew through electricity fast due to all the power they consume !

Having said all that – owning a mining rig is pretty cool if you have somewhere to put it and you have cheap power.

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