Bitcoin Mining | Easy Start Method (and now easier for U.S. based customers!)


The Bitcoinmining company I use are now the first mining MLM business to be officially LEGAL in the United States of America. Registered with the DSA (Direct Selling Association).
USA members will be able to start registering in the next 14 Days!
It’s a bit different as it’s U.S. based :
  1. U.S. customers will be buying the equipment from the company which the company will use on their behalf to mine

  2. If U.S. customers want the hardware at home, then they can have it delivered for them to mine themselves.
  3. U.S. customers have a 14 day cancellation period after joining (everyone gets this anyway!)
All the above points are required by the DSA to ensure compliance with USA laws.
If you’re UK based, then you can just buy the mining contract (starts at $500) – but lets go with the $1,000 package – then this pays out $62.73 per month (Based on the current low Bitcoin price of $9254) – obviously if and when Bitcoin increases – you get a better return !
You can start now – I always suggest starting with $500 and seeing how it goes.
Always remember thatnone of this consitues financial advise and you should seek professional financial advise from people who need a job to make an income each month. Bitcoin is risky and the price can go down as well as up.
If you want a greater look – then signup here : Bitcoin Mining Contracts
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