What would happen if you could ...

Imagine the scenario, 

you're about to be introduced at a networking event and instead of saying "This is 'Tom'",

imagine instead it's now "This is Tom, a number 1 Amazon Bestselling Author."

Notice the difference ?

A book will open doors that previous seemed closed to you.  Getting on T.V. and Radio is so much easier with a book.  Getting to speak on stage is much easier with a book.  Heck, you can even annoy the in-laws with the fact that you're a best selling author! 

Imagine having INSTANT CREDIBILITY because you're a Best Selling Author.

All of these people are MY CLIENTS who ALSO are Amazon #1 Bestselling Authors, and it's opened many doors for them too.


Property Sourcing Compliance with Tina Walsh

Tina found a niche in the property sourcing & investment industry and plugged that gap.  Loads of determination and persistence in growing her business, Tinas book perfectly positioned her as the go to person to deal with Property Sourcing Compliance.


Breeding Gazelles by Dan Bradbury

Dan works with businesses who are turning over more than £100,000 per year in revenues and helps them turn into a profitable ventures that can create more time for the business owner.  Dan knows his stuff, and just reading the reviews alone will confirm it.

A must buy for those wanting to grow their business.


How To Successfully Invest In Property with Mike Woods

Mike has been an investor in property for more than 25 years. He's an experienced architect who, as well as investing in properties to do up and sell, teaches other investors how to do the same.  Again, Mikes book perfectly positions him as an expert and is constantly in the top 10.


Escape The Rat Race with Barry Davies

Barry is a wonderful success story who started from -£50 in his bank and went to owning a multimillion pound high cashflowing property portfolio using his Lease Options Strategy.  Barry also helps coach other investors on how to do what he has done, which is use Lease Options to secure great deals.  Again, the book positions Barry as the expert he is.


Cave To Castle & with Atuksha Poonwassie

Simple Crowdfunding with Atuksha Poonwassie & Davin Poonwassie

The Cave to Castle  book shows you how to transform your property business into a profitable venture.

When Atuksha decided to write a book, she doesnt do things by halves.

So she wrote 2!  The second book was about crowdfunding. 

Both ended up on the Amazon #1 Bestseller list ON THE SAME DAY!!

Are You Next ?

Many people have a book inside of them.  And often that's where it stays. But others decide to step up and play bigger and simply know it's their mission to get their book out, either because they want to share their personal journey, or because they know they can help other people in similar situations to them.

If you're serious about writing a book, then complete the form and let me introduce you to the Book Coach that can make this dream a reality for you. One simple chat with me can help you get what you want.

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