Why the BBC doesn’t know shit and their insipid reporting confuses people (Controversial)


In one of my latest podcasts (https://www.daniellatto.co.uk/podcastdownload ), I have a minor rant about how I once saw the BBC release inflation figures (down from 3% to 2%) and then went to the supermarket to ask shoppers if they felt the prices dropping.
A drop of inflation from 3% to 2% means that prices STILL ROSE but slower than the 3% expected.
Asking shoppers if they then could feel the price drops is a ridiculous bit of reporting by a ridiculous organisation called the BBC who is intent on communicating the wrong information.
(By the way, 42,000 poor people have to pay for these ludicrous £6 million wages that Jonathan Ross was on when he worked there).
These are yet again the lies told by mainstream media that are pulling the wool over people eyes.
I won’t even mention (again) how someone did an impersonation of ROLF HARRIS (that convicted paedophile) on childrens BBC 2 months ago.
I know you know how much I hate mass media – but it’s because it’s bullshit masquerading as the truth. And people watch it. Because it’s on the telly.
Anyway – you can catch up with my (sometimes controversial) podcasts here >>> https://www.daniellatto.co.uk/podcastdownload
There’s some awesome interviews, my personal rants and some amazing takeaways.

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