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  • As business owners, your job is to attract as many people as possible to your offers.
November 14, 2023

As business owners, your job is to attract as many people as possible to your offers.

That's basically it.

Of course when they're AT your offer, your copy should resonate with them, and help solve enough of their problems for a price thats classed as 'value' from the eyes of the customer.

Sadly, most business owners don't even get to the point where their potential customer can even think about whether the offer is worth it or not, because they never get in front of enough people in the first place.

We live in this unique time in history where we can run our own ads with access to thousand and thousands of viewers (social media), we have our own newspapers (your blog) and our own talk shows (your podcast) and even our own tv series (Youtube Vlogs or interviews with people) and yet ...

People don't use these mediums anywhere near to the amount that they should do.

Sometimes I think it's because people think they dont have anything worthwhile to say (YOU DO!)

Or that people wont listen to you (THEY WILL!)

Or that what you have to say isnt important or interesting enough (IT IS!)

So they don't produce ANY content whatsoever.

Listen, some of my videos get like 3 views.

Some get hundreds.

And if Im lucky, some get thousands.

But you add this up over time - for a lad from Leeds with 5 GCSE's (get in!) I've on 800,000 Youtube Views and over a MILLION downloads on my podcast show.

That's a LOT of people and doesnt include views on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or any of the other channels we have.

But we live in this amazing time where we can EASILY create content, and many choose not to, and then wonder why their business isn't taking off as well as it could do.

And it's not a magic wand, you don't just start creating videos one day and your business is overwhelmed with new clients.

It takes time to build up, and some industries can take even longer, or shorter.

One of our clients is a sheep shearer.

His latest video got him 3,000 views (video attached)

Your job right now is to create content, and lots of it, and get it scheduled out.

Get your business, product or service in front of as many eyeballs as you can.

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