Are you working to exhaustion most weeks?

I see so many business owners working late into the night and early in the morning (as though it's some badge of honour) and although you may get some quick wins doing that, it's simply not sustainable for the longer term.

Not only are these longer days more tiring, they may make you irritable, put weight on, or you end up being so busy in your business that you forget to see whats important over whats urgent.

I mean, heck, it's all urgent right? Especially for those clients of yours with the loudest voices who demand you do their stuff first.

The longer term result, as well as burn out, is a business that NEEDS you to keep operating at that level in order for it to work. And THAT definitely isn't sustainable. You're not got a business, you've got yourself a prison sentence within those four walls of that business.

It feels like you're trapped in 'Entrepreneur Prison', and I certainly know how that feels, as I've been there myself in the distant past. Now, you still see me doing the fun things during the day when everyone else is busy working - and it's because we know how to automate our business accordingly.

Gary Vee of course loves the idea of 'Hustle', but you don't see him staying up late at night editing his own videos (I don't do that either), he has people to do the work for him (as do I).

And although Gary may work 16 hour days or so, it's really top level meetings, not doing the 'actual' work himself.

All said and done however, there are some things you can implement almost immediately that can have an immediate effect on your business.

Just imagine having a lie in for an extra hour, or having a 'date night' with your partner, or just NOT having to do the work because someone with a lot more experience is doing it for you (Like your Client Acquisition for example).

The changes that start quickly build up into a feeling of success as you begin to take control of your business.

You would no longer need to feel 'on demand' for your business. Your business should serve YOU, not the other way around - right now too many people are servants to their businesses demands and thats not why you started it in the first place Im guessing.

So what can you do ?

Firstly, decide at least one night per week to take off - and plan something nicer than just working instead. This could be going to the gym, or organising a date night with your partner once a week.

It could be meeting up with friends for a nice meal or going bowling or the cinema, anything to break up the work, work, work cycle and get your mind onto something else. (What's funny about this is that when you actually take a break, you get some cool, fresh ideas for your business that you wouldn't have had otherwise)

Then you need to take control over all of the tasks that you have lined up to do. This is a big one, as most people have no idea what the amount of work there is that needs doing. There is no list, other than some fragmented 'idea' about what needs doing. When it's like this it's virtually impossible to work out whats important versus whats urgent on that to do list. Then work out how long each task is going to take, and then populate your calendar with those tasks.

The number of clients I've had who have made this one simple change in their 'to do' list is huge - and it's fundamentally changed their lives. They're no longer putting out random fires in their business, but instead actually planning out their business for the next month or so with a clear vision of what tasks need to get done and what they will achieve from doing so.

Finally you need a method that will automate the Client Getting Process, so that you're not having to constantly put the work in to find more clients, but have an automated system that reaches out to your target market with a message that gets results. This is one of the many things we're good at working with our clients at, so drop a pm if you want to know more.

Now there are many more of course, but too many to mention in this simple blog post.

If you want to really take control of your business, and you're serious about growing it in the next 12 months, then take a look at my 2 day Spanish Strategy & Implementation Sessions here : 2 Day Strategy & Implementation Intensive

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