Are you looking to sell your business in the next 18 months ?

So we speak to a lot of business owners who have a business that they

  1. Have no-one to pass it onto
  2. Don’t know how to sell it
  3. worried about their teams and employees after they sell it.
  4. Not sure it’s worth much, so may not bother trying to sell it

So that’s where we come in.

We’re looking for businesses to buy, where we look to add it to our group of businesses and potentially continue to grow the business.

So this is what we’re looking for

A Business with

  1. Ideally a management team
  2. Employees who can actually do the ‘work’ within the business
  3. A business owner thats actively looking to sell it.

If that’s you, then complete our strategy session form

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Daniel Latto

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