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November 27, 2015

If you’re a tenant, you should be worried right now.

The same applies to Landlords, albeit for different reasons.

For tenants, the chances are that rents are about to increase significantly.  For landlords, the tax bill is about to rise significantly, and it’s all down to the same reasons.

I explain more about this below …

The life of a landlord isn’t easy, despite what the comments section of the Telegraph and Guardian say.

Tenants missing payments, damaging property, LHA tenants leaving without telling you but letting the council know, and the council claiming payments back – it’s seriously hard work.

My thoughts for the future are a bright one – I think there are lots of opportunities for landlords to continue to provide good quality housing, but the game has definitely changed. The losers in this game change will be the tenants as the video suggests.

Author : Daniel Latto

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