Need an airbnb style / serviced accommodation / hotel website ?

We can help !

A complete website including booking system, online payments, Integrated calendar and much, much more !

  • Easy to use
  • booking Features
  • Nightly / Weekly / Monthly Pricing
  • Payments
  • In-built messaging system
  • Instant Booking
  • Gallery of Images
  • Listing Management
  • Booking Calendar
  • Synchronise with, Airbnb, Etc
  • Security Deposits
  • Reservation Requests
  • Maps Integration
  • Mobile Friendly

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A powerful booking system to help you easily  run your accommodation business

Everything you need to build and grow your online presence

Airbnb, Booking, Serviced Accommodation Website

Get More Bookings

Making it easy for guests to book means more revenue for you as people begin to increasingly book direct.

Search Engine Aware

Whether higher rankings in search or social platforms, be the first option potential customers see

Greater Awarness

Get in front of your customers with your latest web site design

More Credibility

Being able to book direct means that you're professional and provides a lot of credibility over your competitors.

Better Reputation

Get Google / Tripadvisor Reviews will help you get more bookings too

Higher Satisfaction

Turn normal customers into happy ones with self-serve, 24/7 checkout and support options

Build Loyalty

Keep them coming back with emails, social media, remarketing campaigns, loyalty programs and more!

24/7 Engagement

Allow prospective customers and existing ones to engage with your brand 24 hours per day

Improve Conversion

Send customers through a sales funnel optimized to extract maximum value at the cheapest cost possible

Reduce Costs

Let your customers help themselves while you get to keep the commission normally paid to the booking platforms

Our Products & Services

Imagine your very own marketing Team, who can do all of this for you ...

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Facebook Ad Setup And Management
  • Complete Marketing Funnel Designed & Implemented
  • Your Own Marketing Manager In Place
  • Videos & Image Content Created
  • All Scheduled A Month In Advance
  • Artwork, Logos, Banners All Included
  • Leaflets, Brochures Designed If Required



Ease of Use

Value for money

Why do our clients keep choosing us time and time again ?

A Proven Track Record:

We've been providing Website Design, Content Marketing and Online Advertising services since 2011.  We take on new clients each and every month, and often they'll be repeat customers who stay with us because we get results.


Because we've been in business since 2011, we've helped hundreds of clients get their website updated, improved their sales and marketing flow, and created more images and videos for clients than we can count. Plus we've got Facebook Ads Experts standing by to help you grow.

Effective Monthly Reporting:

We like you to know what work we've actually done each month, and also what the results of that work actually was.  So we create two reports each month for you, one showing what work we've done, and the other showing your improved results.

Realistic Expectations:

Our honesty sometimes gets us into trouble, but we don't know any other way to operate.  There's no point in overpromising something where we're not sure we can deliver as it just leaves everyone upset.  We don't make stuff up in order to win business, we don't need to, as our results speak for themselves.


Our aim was always to be able to provide all services under one roof.  So we can create the website and landing pages, the downloadable give away, the content to drive traffic to it and the paid traffic to scale it up and the follow up email sequence to mop up the rest.  All of it in house.

Value For Money:

There's no point in spending a huge amount of money every single month when you're not bringing it back in.  So our fees are incredibly reasonable for how much work we actually create each month.  We're not a one man band, we're a dedicated team of content experts helping clients grow their business.

We've Been Trusted By Hundreds Of Clients past and present...

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Daniel Latto Podcast

About The Daniel Latto Digital Marketing Agency

Here at the Daniel Latto Digital Marketing Agency, we've been helping businesses for the past 20 years, through the creation of their Digital Marketing Campaigns, or Business Coaching, or through helping people get started on their property journey.

More recently, our focus has been on helping provide the tools for business owners to raise visibility in the market place and generate more leads .

Daniel Latto is from Leeds, and now lives on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, in Spain.  He is also the producer of his #1 iTunes Rated podcast show "The Daniel Latto podcast" which is available for download on iTunes or Stitcher.

The Daniel Latto Digital Marketing Agency produces everything from Website Design, to SEO, To Facebook Ads and Social Media Content, right through to a Full Marketing Team.

Our relentless focus on helping our clients has meant that almost all of our business comes from repeat, subscription paying clients who value our sheer range of marketing that we can help them with and to help them grow their business.