Join our Accelerator Coaching / mastermind For the next 12 months & you'll Get Access to our 'LIVE' weekly Group  Coaching Sessions.

Take a look at everything you get...

  • 1 X Group Coaching Session Per Week
  • Access To Our 2 Day Spanish Retreat In June !
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • 52 x Coaching sessions in total
  • Business
  • Property
  • Mindset
  • Marketing

Are you ready to grow your business MORE in the next 12 months?

  • Take more time off ?
  • Build a team that does the work for you ?
  • Improve your sales and conversion process?
  • Begin to live the life you always dreamed off ?
  • Give yourself a chance for a breakout year that will change your life?
  • Become a better leader and become recognised in your industry?

Here's a roadmap to how we help ...

1. Snapshot where you are, and work out where you need to get to

Taking a good honest look at where the gaps are in your business is a great first start. You see most businesses are strung together in a Frankenstein fashion, with bits pulled from all over the place in a hodgepodge of systems brought together, rather than a top down approach to building a business that works.

2. Skyrocket Your Marketing: Build a solid marketing strategy - Be Everywhere all at once!

Are you tired of lackluster results from your marketing campaigns? Our coaching approach dives deep into the psyche of your specific audience, crafting messages that truly resonate and drive action. With the right tools and tactics, you can increase the reach of your messsage which in turn allows you to get in front of more customers

3. Navigating Business Challenges that will inevitable come up

Every business faces hurdles – be it scaling, competition, or customer retention. But with the right mentorship, these challenges become stepping stones to unprecedented growth if you can work through them.  We'll help you do that.

4. Personalised Blueprint: Tailor-made Strategies for YOUR Business during our group sessions

Our coaching offers bespoke strategies, curated after understanding your business model, goals, and challenges. Experience growth that feels right for YOU, but all done within a group coaching environment which means yo get to benefit from other peoples solutions too.

5. Boost Your Brand's Impact: Harness the Power of Authentic Marketing

In an age of information overload, authenticity cuts through the noise. Learn how to position your brand in a way that builds trust, establishes authority, and fosters loyalty among your audience.

6. Strategic & Hands On

We won't just tell you what to do, we'll show you - we have a range of in house expertise that can get you moving pretty damn quick !

7. Implement Revenue Increasing systems

We'll look at your sales process from start to end, and find out where the gaps are, so that you can plug them and increase your revenues.  We'll also help you implement a more frictionless method of closing sales, and helping you implement more online revenue.

Is it right for you? Book a Free Strategy Session

What we cover


As a Digital Marketing Business Owner, we share everything we do so that you can implement it yourself.  From what should go on your website, to the pyschology of a buyer, including pointing out what you're doing wrong.


Having ran businesses for the past 30 years, as well as having bought businesses, and coached thousands of other business owners, our business expertise is second to none.

Wealth Creation

The key to wealth creation is ASSET BUILDING, so we cover how to buy assets, what to avoid, what the obvious scams are and so on.   Wealth Creation is about taking the long term view so that you can buy assets over time.

Rule #1 of wealth building .. never lose money.

Property Investing

I personally own Millions of Pounds of Property in the UK, which  Ive owned since 1996. They're all UK Based, but managed here in Spain, over 1,000 miles away.  Along with our best selling Property Sourcing Course, property has been very good for us over the last 25 years.


The money and assets are unimportant if your health sucks.  The older you get, the more important your health actually is as they key here is to live as healthy as possible as long as possible.  This means getting the excess weight off, and being able to perform against people much younger than you.  Your energy for work related performance is vital for your financial success.

Mental Wellbeing

And finally, making sure youre mental health is top notch is vital too, and there are various EASY things you can do right away to start to increase your mental wellbeing.  The 'black dog' of depression can arise at any time, and as any anxiety or stress increases, so does the chances of dark or negative thoughts. It's important to manage those properly.

What You Get With My Business / Marketing Coaching


One call per week for an entire 52 weeks !

Don't worry - we don't expect you to turn up to all of them !  But you can attend as many or as little as are needed until you get the answers you need within the annual subscription.  With my Group Business & Marketing Coaching, we get to delve into your obstacles, plan your month ahead and help you grow your business faster than before. Better than that, I'll keep you accountable and challenge you on the way you look at things, so that you can constantly improve how you do them.


Experienced Business Coaching

I've been coaching clients for 25 years. I'm a Master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and I love helping other business owners finally take control of their business, increase their income, and free up their time. I own a multi-million pound property portfolio, make 6 figures from my online sales and the director of several businesses in the property and construction sector.


A Business Coach With Real Life Client Results from my Digital Marketing Agency

I own businesses.  From my lettings agency which I sold in 2010, through to managing my multi million pound property portfolio, and these days with my Digital Marketing Agency.  I have a LOT of experience on dealing with problems within a business, and finding a way to solve them.  I do all of this from my villa in Spain. With over 1 Million YouTube Views, and a #1 rated iTunes Podcast Show and numerous awards, you can be sure that we have the right experience to help you.


No Fluffy Rubbish, just straight to work

I'm not one of these 'fluffy' coaches who wonders 'how do you feel about that?'. My job is to get you results, and sometimes that means dealing with difficult topics. But don't worry, I've helped loads of people get what they want, and I can help you too. I want to get to the bottom of it, the nitty gritty of what's going on in your business, your health, your relationships so that I can help you with laser sharp focus get what you want out of life. My reputation is that of a kick ass coach who gets results. If you want results, then sign up.


No Time To Waste

Time is one of the precious commodities that once spent, we never get back. So I like to get straight down to business and start fixing the things you need a hand with. 

First things first, what's not working and why, and then build a plan of action to get you results as fast as possible.

Join Our Spanish Business Retreat For Free !

(Valued at £495)

Business Retreat Spain
Business Retreat Spain
Business Retreat Spain

2 days of business coaching and training, networking and fun, all by the Mediterranean sea!


Welcome to the Accelerator Training System

Learn how to build a business that gives you time off, an increase in your income and a chance to really make a business that grows with you.

Sign up for LIVE and Pre-Recorded Step By Step Business Video Training To help you to Grow Your Business.

Get live group training / coaching sessions every week 

Or Live Group Training / Coaching Sessions are on the following days, with replays in the Facebook Group in case you miss any.

  •  Set your week and your month up for success with a planning session.  Set up your next 7 days for being the best week yet, and you'll soon start getting accelerated results.  Our Guided weekly Goal Setting Sessions are a vital part of any successful persons arsenal.  Fresh goals each week are vital for you to stay at the top of your game, and not become stale doing the same old thing each week.
  • Our main coaching session takes place on a Tuesday where we cover a Q & A session of what our members are stuck on.  These sessions are highly informative, and they're designed to smash through whatever problem you're having in your business, be it property, health, marketing and so on.
  • Sometimes, (by request) we'll include a technical training day.  Need to know how to create a landing page, a booking form, buy a domain name, use social media and so on - this is your time to ask those questions and get live training on how to build your business. 
  • For our property investors, we talk all things property including Property Sourcing, Rent 2 Rent Training, Property Compliance, Property Deal Analysis, Leaflet Drops, Property marketing and so on.
  • For our business owners, we cover everything from business acquisition, marketing, leadership and everything in between.

The Accelerator Training System / Video Vault

Let me show you how to Master the skills that it takes to grow a profitable business whilst ensuring it's completely aligned with your goals, lifestyle and values.

Our pre-recorded videos include valuable content that we don't share anywhere for you to grow your business.

Don't be fooled, these modules have been specifically designed to help you grow your business fast.  Each Module has videos to help you get the most out of your business.  There's no 'filler videos' here, each one is valuable in it's own right. 

Whats Included in The Training

Months 1 through 7

Months 8 through 12 plus bonuses

"Why Do I Need This Now?"

We're living in a world that's constantly changing, and since the massive changes we've already seen, the world we once knew has now gone forever.

That means, it's a choice to take it on as a 'worse' world, or as a world that we can make 'better'.

Now is not the time to be frozen in the headlights and start playing small, but a time to get the right skill sets, the right mind set and get ready to take everything that's laid out in front of you.

The Accelerator System is a combination of LIVE Group Coaching, along with pre-recorded videos for various areas of business to help you grow quicker.

Designed to take you step by step to growing your business and revenues while taking more time off.

All course materials including streaming of pre-recorded videos, .pdf downloads are held on my online training portal, and our LIVE training takes place inside our Exclusive Facebook Group.

For this one low price, You get ACCESS to everything.

Growing your business quickly enough to make it work for you is vital and this training is designed to fast track your way to success.  The training and LIVE Group Coaching is designed to be consumed at your own pace as we all work at different speeds.

Everything in this training is 'doable' regardless of what level you're at, and for those busy business owners, this will finally release you from working so many hours each week.

Ready for a breakout 12 months ?

Lets be clear, You're On This Page for a reason

It could be that you're a startup and want to ensure you get the best possible start for your business.

Or it could be that you're already running a business, and realising how burnt out you feel, and are sick of working all these hours only to find that you're not moving forward.

I get it. I've been there.

Whenever I buy businesses (And I've acquired 3 so far this decade), I'm confronted with a lack of systems,  and structure that is required for a business to grow, and I help implement that into the business, along with the addition of digital marketing campaigns.

However, there's just a whole load of stuff that nobody ever told you about actually how to grow a business without you having to work a tonne of hours every day.

And THAT'S why I created this training so that you can get the and support you need in your business, so that you can implement quickly and grow your business.

Given the climate that we're in currently, now is the time to step up and change the game you're playing so that you can thrive in this time of uncertainty.

And at this price point, it's an absolute steal !

A recap of What You’ll  Get In The

Accelerator Training System.

Daniel Latto

Pre-recorded Video training

The Pre-Rcorded Video Training aspect of The Accelerator Training System is broken down into various modules that are designed to take you step by step to growing your business and revenues while taking more time off.

Each module serves as standalone training in a particular area of business, such as SYSTEMS, or MARKETING and there is more than enough content to help you define your strategy, implement it, and learn and adopt as you go through the programme.

All course materials including streaming of pre-recorded videos, .pdf downloads are held on my online training portal.

LIVE coaching sessions every week!

Covering everything from Business, to Property to Goals Setting, hands on over the shoulder 'how to', Q & A sessions, and LIVE teaching, our Group Coaching Sessions are amazing.

But don't take my word for it - sign up and get a 7 day free trial and find out for yourself!

But First, A word of warning!

This training is about the IMPLEMENTATION of the content and not just  CONSUMPTION (ie Content for contents sake)

The plan is that you start at your own pace and slowly begn to build your business into a stable income generator.

Daniel Latto

About Your Trainer,
Daniel Latto

Daniel is an Owner of a Digital Marketing Agency - The Daniel Latto Digital Marketing Agency.

He  owns a multi million pound property portfolio in Leeds which he manages from his villa in Spain.

He has over 750,000 YouTube views, over a 1 Million minutes watched on YouTube with over 25,000 hours of his content watched.

In addition, Daniel has had hundreds of thousands of podcast downloads and was recognised in the New & Noteworthy on iTunes.

His online trainings have had thousands of customers / downloads and has attained many 5 star reviews.

Access the Platform from Any Device at Any Time

Our Training courses are easily accessible from phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Designed with your convenience in mind, you’ll always have quick, mobile-friendly access to all our training courses on whatever device you happen to be using and can carry on from where you left off.

No matter where you are, you have the training at your fingertips.