Daniel Latto Net Worth

I don't like the words 'Net Worth' as it's frankly meaningless.

I mean - how much is a property portfolio worth , and says who ?

And how much is a business worth ?  What someone is prepared to pay for it ?

Or how much I'm prepared to let it go for ?  Or maybe that cash that it's generated is better spent on something different, that adds value to your life in a different way, like a nice car, a speed boat or some Bitcoin.

Nope - I think net worth is an over rated sham - a 'Millionaire' can have a million pounds of equity and still not be able to pay their bills.

Likewise, someone who brings in 10k a month for the rest of their life automatically will never have to work another day in their life.


This is after ALL your expenses, and is what you have to spend on investments, or silly stuff or to give away to charity.

That's the key to life.

If I had the choice of being a 'Millionaire' (but only on paper, as in equity) - or earning a monthly income that covers everything you need and more for the rest of my life - I'd take the 2nd one without a moments hesitation.

This dog doesn't care how much money you have or what your net worth is, it just wants to eat, play and go for walks and be loved.

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