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July 8, 2013

A Quick 6 Step Plan to Achieving Your Goals | Goal Setting – our goals need to be set out clearly so that we can reach them – find out how

Step 1

Have Absolute Written Clarity on Your Vision/Goal/Income – this means you have to write it down, and be absolutely clear about it.

Step 2

Develop the Beliefs and Habits Needed To Achieve It – if the belief systems and habits you have right now will not take you there, change them.

Step 3

Determine what Knowledge, Skills, Strategies and Tactics Needed To Accomplish Your Goal‐ And The Product, Service or Investment Vehicle – if you haven’t got the specialised knowledge, then get it.  If the product doesn’t exist, then create it.

Step 4

Surround Yourself With A Team To Help You Apply Your Plan – working on your own = failure.  Get the team in place (Sales, SEO, Admin, etc)

Step 5

Take Action Daily towards Your Goal – this means you do it every day – not just once a week, consistently

Step 6

Tweak Your Thoughts and Actions As Often As Possible Till You Develop a System and Process That Repeatedly Works For You – in other words, sensory acuity – if it doesn’t work, change it, and keep changing it until it does work.

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