Are You Ready To Take The 60 Day Challenge?

Begin The Transformation in just 60 days or less!

Amazing Value : Includes 5 x One on One Coaching calls Delivered Over 8 weeks.

Why The 60 Day Challenge?

I know myself, and from my own coaches when I have them, that when the mind is ultra focused on reaching my goals or on a specific task, that it can EASILY get there with the right focus, support and coaching.

So with that in mind, I've designed the 60 day challenge.

The 60 day challenge is to see how quickly your life can change in just 60 days from now.

- Better Health
- Better Wealth
- Increased Goals
- Increased Focus
- Increased Activity

A total life turnaround, In just 60 days.

“In my own life, I've had to adapt and change and create routines that work in order to create my life the way it is today.  I want the same for you. ”

Daniel Latto- Coach


Just the very fact you have to check in with your coach, means you get more stuff done. Fact.


You're going to change the way you do things, you're going to create a routine, and you'll get tangible results your, your family and your friends will begin to see.


In just 60 days, you'll have set out your new plan, and will be working your way towards it, regardless whats going on in your life.

What's so special about this 8 week programme?

It's designed to identify what you want, and then align your actions to your goals to get your fired up, get the engine turning and get you moving towards your goals faster than ever before, whilst at the same time getting real world results.

Is This You ?

If you're already doing well financially, this will massively improve your performance.

Or Maybe This Is You?

If you need extra help to get started, the accountability in this programme allows you to overcome those blocks and actually get started.

Or Perhaps This Is You?

If you've done so well that the rest of your life is in tatters, then this is for you too.

You WILL get results from this programme, it's almost impossible not to once you align your actions to your goals and then destroy any obstacles that get in your path.

Come and speak with me during one of my free Strategy Sessions 

And find out what it's about, how it's going to help you and what we can help you achieve over the next 60 days

(I'll even tell you the price!)

Just the phone call alone is worth it - So book it in now.

Be quick !

What can you accomplish in just 60 days ?

I'm sat here wondering what could you achieve in just 60 days from now if you really out your mind to it, and got the support you needed ?

There's a reason I'm sat at the villa by the beach typing this, and there's a reason you're sat reading this now.

  • check
    What do you want ?
  • check
    How will you get it?
  • check
    What do you need to do to get it?
  • check
    Who can help you get there quicker ?

Is it worth it?

How much is it worth to have your life running like clockwork?

What if in just 60 days, we could turn everything around and begin to get everything working as it should be.

Obviously some areas will take longer than others, but to get organised, working on all the things that you need to work on to build the life of your dreams - how much is that worth to you >

Prefer To Speak on The Phone First?

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