3 Storytelling Tips To Hook Any Audience

In today’s blog post I am going to be sharing a video by Charisma on Command which features our Creator of the Year, Shane Dawson with tips on how to hook any audience.

Shane Dawson is an absolute juggernaut right now.

Last I heard our attention spans were as bad as fish, how in the world is Shane able to keep the internet hooked and so engaged with his videos?

The past months he’s been releasing documentary style videos each being nearly an hour long.

At the moment he has nearly 19M subs and his view count on his recent uploads are equal to his sub count, in most cases, they’re more (which is a rarity on YouTube)

How is he scoring more views than full out high budget TV shows?

Here’s why Shane’s videos are so addictive.

Hope this video helps and go give Charisma on Command's video a like and check out their Youtube channel.

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Dan Latto

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