2013 30 Under 30: Energy & Industry


Founder, Ascension Air Management
Jamail started flying at the age of 12 and was immediately hooked. Because the FAA bars anyone under 16 from flying an airplane solo, Jamail had to travel to Canada, where he first soloed at age 14. He became an entrepreneur as a teenager in order to finance his flying lessons. He met John and Martha King, owners of the King School, which sells flight training products. They set him up as one of their distributors. He soon added a distributorship for Gulf Coast Avionics. Still in high school, he was selling thousands of dollars of equipment while also performing stunts in air shows. In 2000 the FAA named Larkins the national spokesman for its Young Eagles program. He created Larkins Enterprises to provide aviation consulting services. In 2006 he got into the airplane brokering business, forming a joint venture with an established broker to sell general aviation aircraft. His Ascension Air is now a leading regional distributor for Cirrus Aircraft, the leading manufacturer of piston-driven planes. His dream is to grow the business of selling fractional shares of these planes. “I want to become the Netjets of piston-driven aircraft.” His accomplishments have caused him to be named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, to be featured in a permanent exhibit in the Franklin Institute, and also be named the first Ambassador for Aviation & Space Education for the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration. Fun Fact: “Fastest I’ve ever gone is Mach 1.2 (approx 913 MPH) about 500 feet over the water. One of the coolest experiences of my life!”

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