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Why This 2 Day Intensive Rocks ...

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    Work On The Strategy
    In order to grow your business, STRATEGY is the first key we get right.  Once we know what the Strategy may look like, we'll look at what the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats are.  Then we can formulate the plan into easily manageable bitesized chunks so we can break them down simply.
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    Work Out What Resources You Need
    Knowing beforehand what you may need down the road is vital to your planning process.  It's better to know now what resources you may need to pull into the business. So we look at what skills may need to be learned, who we can use to help us implement the plan (outside resources such as content writers, video editors, etc can be identified)
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    Implement Like Crazy
    We get 2 days together to implement your plan.  One of the reasons for my success so far is the ability to Implement Immediately with a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF ACTION.  Working side by side, we'll get to the grind and refine your strategy along the way, and begin to pull in the resources we need while we implement what we can physically do ourselves, all within the 2 day period.

Look What's Included!

This is what you get when you sign up.

Let's Draw Out Your Business For The Next 12 Months

Once you have a visual representation as to what your business looks like, and how it's supposed to work, you get a LOT of clarity.

FAST Implementation

When you get an idea, you have to to  just GO, GO, GO.  In our experience, any delay can cost you the passion once the idea gets eroded by your belief system and failure to implement immediately.

Get Access To 12 Months Ongoing Coaching Worth £1,274 Included Free Of Charge!

Duration: 12 months

Yep, we'll provide you with access to our Income Accelerators Coaching program Free Of Charge! This is one LIVE Coaching Session Per Week as part of our group coaching that we charge £147 every month for - YOURS FREE.

About the Coach

Daniel Latto owns a multi million pound property portfolio and has ran several businesses including a Porsche Hire company and more notably a Lettings Agency with offices throughout the UK which was sold in 2011.

The problem that most people face is that ideas are everywhere. It's the implementation of the idea that means the most.  The result are in the execution of the plan, and people spend o long dreaming, they never quite get to the implementation part.

Or when they do eventually make it that far, the whole momentum has gone, or their family or their self talk has talked them out of it.​  I dread to think how many life changing ideas have never been implemented, so I wanted to do something to help people quickly get their strategy right, and help them to implement quickly.

“I've always been quick at implementing what I've learnt.  It's enabled me to push back the competition who are still deciding what colour their logo should be!”

Once We Know The Strategy,
Then We Implement.

It could be content creation, such as Videos, Podcasts or Articles to drive more traffic to your website, ready to convert

It could be Building Systems so that your business can work when you're not there, or to streamline your existing processes.

It could be planning your growth, assigning milestones along the way, ready for implementation.


What People Are Saying...


Darren Hunt runs Mountains in Mind.

Mountains in Mind was an idea we thrashed out while at the old villa - today, Darren runs his dream business which can be found here

Darren Hunt (Mountains in Mind)

You can watch his video below


Charles Lynn runs an Estate Agency Business in Ballymena

Charles is wonderful guy, a great dad and an excellent family man.  His passion for his family came through during the time we spent and he left knowing exactly what needed to be done to help him move to that next stage.

Charles Lynn 

You can watch his video below

Is This Training Right For You?

Seeing as we'll be spending 2 intense days together it's important that we get this bit right.  

Who is this for

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    You may have just finished a training course and are ready to implement, but worried going back to your normal environment may prevent you from doing what needs to be done
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    You have a can do attitude, one where you're prepared to try, and give it your all.
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    You're committed to the process, that you're ready and open minded about some of the things have have prevented you getting the results you desire thus far
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    You're ready to grow the next stage of your life, and 100% committed to making it happen.

Who is this not for

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    Tyre kickers, naysayers, 'done it before', 'that won't work' type of people. I only surround myself with those that want more and you should too.
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    The 'I'll give a go I suppose' type people - how about we give it a go and MAKE IT WORK - that works much better and we get far better results.
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    Those not prepared to be open minded about whats stopped you so far getting the results you want.
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    The 'know it alls' who aren't prepared to listen and try something new.

PLUS, You'll Get All Of This Included

Bonuses are super powerful and will add more value to your core offer. You can also use them to create urgency by offering a bonus for a limited time only.

Get 12 Months Of Coaching FREE
(Real Value of £1,764)

So when you sign up, you immediately get access to our weekly Group Coaching Sessions which take place every Sunday at 8pm.

These are normally £147 per month (£1,764 per year) and you get it Included FREE for 12 months.


Access The Webinar Replays

We normally record our webinars and upload them to the members area. That way you can catch up on any that you may have missed.


Access Members Only Content

We have exclusive training that you can't get anywhere else along with access to documents, scripts, etc.  All of this is included too.

Want To Know More?

We prefer to speak to potential clients before they book so we can both make sure it's a right match.



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