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April 24, 2018

Work With Me One On One In Spain.

Would you like to join me in Spain while we work on JUST your business ?

My 2 Day Strategy And Implementation Intensive is exactly as it sounds; working on your business together, formulating it’s 5 year strategy and implementing as much as we can in the 2 days we have together to help you get where you want.

I know from experience, that when you get a great idea, or even more so, when you go on training and come home to implement what you have learned, the enthusiasm and motivation soon wears off because your environment isn’t conducive to thinking at such a creative level.

So my job is to take you out of that environment into mine, where the sun shines (mostly) and you can once again dream like the entrepreneur you truly are.

Then we implement like crazy !

By the way, you should see the bonuses we include when you sign up !

This 2 Day Intensive is designed to give you a kick start and then provide ongoing Coaching Support Throughout The Year.

It’s reasonably priced and available application only.

The full details can be found here :

I hope you can join me.

Daniel Latto
P.S. We even include a Paddle Surf lesson subject to the weather by hot and sunny!

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