The problem with many coaching and training programmes are that they're far too expensive for most Start Up business to be able to afford.

That money that gets spent on Business Coaching could be used for something else, so many business owners end up without a coach as they just can't justify the expense to begin with.

In addition, the content is usually American based, which is fine, only it's culturally different and what may work in the U.S. may not work in the U.K.

Everything we teach here in the UK has worked in the UK.

What Do You Get?

So with our Income Accelerator Coaching & Training Programme, it's very simple.

You get 4 x Group Coaching & Training Sessions per month, which means you get 4 regular coaching calls to be inspired, come up with new ideas and to learn from.  If you want extra attention, you can upgrade to one of our One on One Business Coaching Packages.

We cover all manner of topics, from Business, Marketing, Mindset, Property Investing, Property Sourcing, Online Marketing, Podcasting, Video Creation, Time Management - no subject is out of bounds.

The aim is to INCREASE your monthly income, so that you can get to a position where you can start investing.  Naturally this doesn't happen overnight and is a process.

The cost is just £37 a month, and it's an automated susbscription.


When Is It?

Sundays 8pm UK Time.

The reason we like Sunday night coaching so much is that it sets your week up for success.  We can delve into what you want to achieve next week, and if there are any knowledge gaps, we can fill them for you.

What Do Others Say?

Barry Davies

Have Daniel Latto Personally Mentor You

Having a professional coach is the dream for many, and it's been proven time and time again that getting a result can accelerate your results.

The problem has always been one of cost, and with this Monthly Coaching Programme, we've made it more affordable than ever before.

Why Group Coaching?

So there's just no way I could offer coaching for £37 per month if it was one on one.  If you do want one on one coaching, then check out our Business Coaching Packages.

But along with actally getting access to me for one low affordable monthly cost, the benefits of group coaching are multiple.

  • check
    Similar Goals : you get into a group that all wants the same things and are on the same journey
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    New Ideas : They may ask a question that you would never have thought of in the Webinar, which means you get to benefit from the answer, despite having never come up with the question!
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    Great Entry Point : It's an affordable entry point into getting a coach, to be inspired and motivation and to be challenged.

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